Past Litters

Past Litters

Puppies about 3-5 months

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Puppies 5 weeks old.

Kira/Wolfgang puppies

*Read about Kira and Wolfgang, then enjoy the puppy pictures.




Kira comes from Champion West German Show and Working  lines from both her mother and her fathers lines.

Kira’s mother is Wanta Von Bestorix BH, IPO1. She was imported when she was pregnant with Kira. Kira comes from a long line of healthy hips and elbows, intelligent dogs with great drive and deep, rich red and black pigmented coats.

EVERY dog, three generations back, hold an IPO and/or Shutzhund title of various levels. A few are Companion dogs.

Kira’s father is V1 Garo Vom Team Panoniasee BH, IP1, ANGKORT 2015-2016, ZW 75.

ALL of her ancestors from this side, three generations back, have healthy hips. ALL of them hold titles of Shutzhund and/or IPO at various levels. MANY are Champions and her grandfather is a 2X Champion!




Wolfgang comes from Champion West German Show and Working lines from both his mother and his father’s lines.

His mother is Magda Vom Wallerhorst SCHH 3, KKL2. She has healthy hips. Almost every dog in Wolfgangs pedigree, three generations back, have healthy hips and are Champions at various levels. Almost every single dog, three generations back, is titled in Shutzhund and/or IPO at level 3! Many dogs are titled in tracking and one in herding.

Wolfgang’s father is SG Balco Vom Konigs Wolf SCH3, FH1, KKL1, Hips OFA Good. His grandfather is is 3X Champion in Working Fields! Most of the dogs in Wolfgangs pedigree, three generations back, are Show Champions at various levels. Many have Schutzhund and/or IPO titles at various levels. Several have Tracking titles of various levels.

We are very proud of what we have here at Sirius German Shepherds.


The puppies at 1 week old.

IMG_5066 pic 2

dogs2 dogs3


3 1/2 weeks old